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Real Estate Of India

Efficiently growing and contributing significantly to the GDP, the real estate industry in India is poised for substantial expansion. This growth is driven by rapid urbanization, increasing foreign investments, and supportive government policies and reforms, setting the stage for the industry to reach a market size of $650 billion by 2025.

$650 Billion

Expected Market Size by 2025


Contribution to GDP by 2025

$200 Billion

Market Size in 2021


Annual Growth Rate (2017-2028)


Comprehensive Guide to Fractional Real Estate Investment

Key Insights and Advantages of Fractional Ownership and PropertyVerse

Why Fractional Ownership?
  • Introduction to fractional Ownership
  • Reasons for choosing fractional ownership
  • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of fractional ownership
  • Types of fractional ownership
Why PropertyVerse?
  • PropertyVerse - A one stop destination for all your fractional ownership needs
  • Streamlined access to diverse fractional ownership platforms
  • Credit Risk Analysis Report of every Project
  • Educational Content & Guides
Why to Invest?
  • Wealth diversification through fractional ownership
  • Access to high-value assets with lower capital
  • Enjoy financial returns of premium real estate
  • Access to nation-wide micro-markets

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